Teacher: is your computer ready for Get More Math?

You need: a Chrome or Safari browser and Java 8.

  1. Get a Chrome or Safari browser.
  2. You may need to get or update java.
  3. You can check your computer's java with these steps.


Tech Dept: is your network ready for Get More Math?


  1. Launch site: gmm.getmoremath.com
  2. Required browsers: Chrome or Safari
  3. Student application: javascript app running through https://gmm.getmoremath.com
  4. Teacher application: java app requiring Java 8 or higher. Launches via java WebStart and communicates with gmm.getmoremath.com via https
  5. Bandwidth requirements: 1Mbps minimum for up to 100 concurrent users online.

    5Mbps minimum for up to 1000 concurrent users online.

    Check your internet connection speed below.

    Speed Test
Steps to ensure accessiblity
  1. Whitelist getmoremath.com
  2. Here is the result of our auto-check of the student app. If possible, please check this on a student device while logged in as a student.

  3. To test the teacher app's accessibility, click below and follow directions that appear in a blue box. If possible, please perform this on a teacher device while logged in as a teacher.

    Test Teacher App


You are ready for the GMM teacher app if you get to the following screen: