Teacher: is your computer ready for Get More Math?

  1. All you need is the latest Chrome or Safari web browser.

Tech Dept: is your network ready for Get More Math?


  1. URL Whitelist:
    • getmoremath.com
    • gmm.getmoremath.com
    • fonts.googleapis.com
    • fonts.gstatic.com
    • fullstory.com
    • js.intercomcdn.com
    • google-analytics.com
    • api.rollbar.com
  2. Allow whitelisting of emails coming from the getmoremath.com domain
  3. Required browsers: Chrome or Safari
  4. Student web application: accessed from https://gmm.getmoremath.com/
  5. Teacher web application: accessed from https://teacher.gmm.getmoremath.com/
  6. Bandwidth requirements: 1Mbps minimum for up to 100 concurrent users online.