Teacher: is your computer ready for Get More Math?

You need: a Chrome or Safari browser and Java 8.

  1. Get a Chrome or Safari browser.
  2. You may need to get or update java.
  3. You can check your computer's java with these steps.


Tech Dept: is your network ready for Get More Math?


  1. Launch site: gmm.getmoremath.com
  2. Required browsers: Chrome or Safari
  3. Student application: javascript app running through https://gmm.getmoremath.com
  4. Teacher application: java app requiring Java 8 or higher. Launches via java WebStart and communicates with gmm.getmoremath.com via https
Steps to ensure accessiblity
  1. Whitelist getmoremath.com
  2. Here is the result of our auto-check of the student app. If possible, please check this on a student device while logged in as a student.

  3. To test the teacher app's accessibility, Click below and follow directions that appear in a blue box. If possible, please perform this on a teacher device while logged in as a teacher.

    Test Teacher App


You are ready for the GMM teacher app if you get to the following screen: